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Web Development Web Hosting
 Web Development

Web Design

A web site is one of the most powerful methods of getting the right message across to a global and international audience of WWW devotees.

The Web offers an attractive look and feel, benefiting from graphics, text, multimedia and an increasing interactivity that allows feedback, bulletin boards, online shopping and database applications online.

Internet Egypt professional web developers help the surfer to take full advantage of the Web, delivering high value web site that is easy to use, meets branding, marketing and technical strategies through the latest technology.

Our policy is to work closely together with our clients, to arrive to the optimal design that strikes the right note for the company's image, needs, and special requirements or guidelines. Latest state-of-the art tools are used to produce the most cost efficient and effective designs, and our powerful secured servers provide a stable, high throughput environment for web sites hosting.

We deliver your Web site in time. Each Web site is developed with clear milestones that require customer approval before the Web site advances to the next stage. You work directly with a project manager and developer/designer that are in contact with you from start to end.

Our professional web team provides consultation on design, content and hosting to enhance your ability to be ranked higher in search engines with reliable email and phone support.

For more information, please get in touch with our sales team!
call : 19665

Web Portals

Internet Egypt skilled web team is specialized in Web Design and Developing to convey professionalism with an artistic taste upon your request to deliver a high quality web portals.

Web Portals features:

  • Web Design:

    • Logo Design

    • Banner Design

    • Text or Java-based Navigation Bar / Menu

    • Macromedia Integrated shockwave (Flash)

    • Unlimited Optimized images

    • Unlimited web screens

    • Animations

    • Scrolling message bar

    • Additional links

  • Web Developing:

    • Static Pages

    • Dynamic Pages

    • Database Analysis and Design

  • Web Enhancements:

    • Counter

    • Feedback form

    • Rotator

    • Photo Gallery

    • Guestbook

    • E-Cards

    • Bulletin Board

    • Magazines Module
      (Adding/Updating/Deleting magazines and topics)

    • Administration Modules granted to authorized users:

      • Content Management Module

      • Database Administration Module

    • Built in search engine for web site content and Database

    • Search engines registration

    • Secure Online Payment

  • E-Commerce
    Internet Egypt has developed a solution for business owners in need of professional and effective websites with e-commerce capabilities, creating quality sites that are easy to manage, secure, affordable, and come with one on one consultation with web experts.

    The solution is built on the solid foundation of Microsoft e-commerce product family.

    Internet Egypt has created a world-class team of experts in the e-commerce field, and by successfully leveraging its communications, technological and marketing resources, is positioned to offer our clients dynamic, revenue-generating ecommerce sites. A complete turnkey scalable solution can be provided, that tightly integrates skills and services from a number of diverse areas, including graphic design, web and application development, database implementation, marketing, online payment and hosting.

    Merchant accounts for immediate online authentication of user credit cards are readily activated for a minimal fee through Internet Egypt, facilitating a complex process for our clients.

    Security is a major concern for all customers considering setting up a shop on the Internet, since the exchange of sensitive information such as credit card numbers can be part of a transaction should the user choose this method of payment. Our solution uses digital authentication services provided by Verisign to ensure orders are secure, and our gateway providers ensure quick and efficient clearance of all orders.

    Scenarios for doing business online include direct marketing and selling of goods and services, supply chain integration and corporate procurement.


 Web Hosting
Hosting Features:
  • Domain Name:
    • domain name or use of an existing name
    • Web site subdomains
    • Domain locking
    • Domain (DNS) control
  • Supported Design and Scripting Tools:
    • ASP/ASP.net/C#
    • PHP
    • SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Multiuser FTP accounts
    • Support for design tools (like FrontPage)
    • Support for multimedia tools (like Flash, Shockwave, audio, and video)
  • Reliability:
    • 99% uptime
    • Local and remote backup of your web site
    • Windows 2003 operating system
    • Compaq, IBM, Dell servers
  • Security:
    • Servers protection with latest Antivirus
    • Servers protection with latest Firewall
    • Password-protected FTP user accounts
  • Customer Support
    • Phone support
    •  Email support
  • Email
    • Business email addresses
    • POP and SMTP email access
    • Web-based email access
  • Site Statistics
    • General statistics
    • Activity Statistics
    • Visitor/IP Information
    • Resource accessed
    • Referrer statistics
    • Search Engine statistics
    • Geographic region statistics
    • Browsers and platforms
    • Technical Information
    • Marketing Performance Report
    • Downloadable Log Files
  • Web Site Enhancements
    • Standard feedback (email) forms
    • Surveys (Voting) forms
    • Guestbooks
    • Photo Gallery
    • Bulletin board
    • Content Management Module
    • Database Administration Module
    • Magazines Module (Adding/Updating/Deleting magazines and topics)
    • Rotator
    • E-Cards
    • Built in search engine for web site content and Database
    • Secure Online Payment

Hosting Overview:

The primary difference between different hosting types is how the web server is used and managed.

  • Shared hosting

    Also known as "virtual hosting," shared hosting enables you to post a site from a central server that is shared with other Web hosting customers. Shared hosting is a common and reasonably priced hosting option. It offers an upgrade path to our other Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Shared Hosting Plans.
    In shared hosting, multiple sites are hosted on a single server, so each account ends up "sharing" server space with other accounts.

  • Dedicated Hosting:

    This type of hosting is for companies with high performance sites that want dedicated support. Dedicated hosting is a great option for larger companies who need fast data transfer.
    In Dedicated hosting, the server is dedicated to your web site.
    Dedicated hosting is much more expensive than shared hosting as you actually use the whole server.

  • Collocated Hosting:

    Site owners who want to manage their own server hardware and software can collocate their servers in Internet Egypt.



ADSL Prices

DSL Speed End User (EGP)
256 KB  L.E. 95
512 KB L.E. 140
1 MB L.E. 225
2 MB  L.E. 375

For more info. please call : 19665


Website Package

250 MB Hosting
5 GB Bandwidth (Traffic/month)
1 FTP Account
1 Domain Name
Package Price = L.E. 335

For more info. please call : 19665



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