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Internet Egypt Infrastructure ...

100% Redundancy with Dual Marine Fiber bandwidths and BGP Routing to USA and Europe
Internet Egypt's Infrastructure is unique in its configuration, power and flexibility, being the only ISP in the private sector with full redundancy and Backup provided by two completely independent marine fiber bandwidths on both the flag and sea-me-we3 international cable systems. Internet Egypt operates an Internet bandwidth with multiple of 155 Mb/s (STM1) and is considered a Class A Internet Carrier in Egypt with a Class A License from the National Telecom Regulation Authority (NTRA).

Both the Flag and sea-me-we3 links are duplex (upload/download), and are fully symmetrical, with minimum latency and the shortest route to any location in Europe and the USA (realized through BGP routing). They are operated is in a load-balancing mode to optimize traffic throughput, providing a 100% backup facility and full redundancy.

Internet Egypt is connected to 4 International Carriers on 2 Different Paths using state of the art Dynamic Routing & BGP Technique with Redundant Routers. figure1

Advanced Infrastructure as a result of Consolidation with EgyNet

In Recent years, Internet Egypt has been consolidated with EgyNet (The Egyptian Company for Networks) which has been awarded an exclusive license from the Telecom Regulatory Board to build, operate and manage the first privately owned public data network in Egypt. This Network has recently been built by Lucent Technology, a leader in the communication industry, and is capitalized at over $ 100 Million.

EgyNet is in the process of connecting 100 frame relay and ATM nodes throughout Egypt, for connectivity to anywhere in the country. All nodes are equipped with Lucent switches, which can accommodate immediate plug-in, router-to-router connectivity irrespective of distances involved. 24x7 technical support is provided, and all connections include modems from each side. An ATM backbone with a capacity of 34MB is also operating, capable of providing high-speed Internet connections, and carrying video on demand in all nodes throughout the country. Access servers are also being installed in all nodes, providing timely, efficient and flexible connectivity to any location in Egypt in the shortest possible time.

As a result of the consolidation, enormous improvements have been triggered both in International bandwidth and local infrastructure; Internet Egypt is currently provisioning multiple of 155MB (STM1) bandwidth for the exclusive usage of its clients.

This greatly expanded international bandwidth is a giant step forward in terms of capacity to provide dedicated bandwidth, and provides enormous facilities for expansion and growth, as need arises, in a timely, flexible and efficient manner. No delays are involved in the provisioning of extra bandwidth, due to improved technologies such as DSL & frame relay.


ADSL Prices

DSL Speed End User (EGP)
256 KB  L.E. 95
512 KB L.E. 140
1 MB L.E. 225
2 MB  L.E. 375

For more info. please call : 19665


Website Package

250 MB Hosting
5 GB Bandwidth (Traffic/month)
1 FTP Account
1 Domain Name
Package Price = L.E. 335

For more info. please call : 19665



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